Industry Overview-Industry scale and development trend

Introduction to holographic technology

Human eyes also seem to be pursuing the "spirit of the Olympic Games" -the higher pixels, faster frame rates, and stronger brightness, which is also the goal that shows the field of technology. However, "clear" can no longer meet the demand of human eyes and day, and "holographic technology" has emerged.

Hologram is a synthetic word, derived from the Greek: Holos (all+gramma (information), as the name suggests, it is a technology that records and reproduces the entire optical information of the object.

Similar to human eye working methods, the ordinary image record method receives the amplitude (influence, darkness, contour) and wavelength (determining color) information of objects, and uses a certain means to be restored. The method uses the interference stripes generated by the two beams of laser to enter the phase information into the film, and the laser is irradiated into the film again, and all optical information can be "reinstated" to form images with a three-dimensional perception.

Holographic technology uses technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to build a virtual digital world. Through it, it can realize information perception of the real physical world, and the user's body is immersed. It is a digital expression of a specific physical entity or process with a data connection. This data connection can ensure the convergence of the same rate between the physical and virtual state, and provide integrated views of the entire life cycle of physical entities or processes, which will help optimize Overall performance.