Competitive Advantage

According to the report of iResearch: MicroCloud’s total revenue and market share ranked number one by a wide margin of the top five holographic technical service providers in 2020.

According to the report of iResearch: In 2021, among the top five holographic service providers, MicroCloud's total intellectual property rights ranked first, and the total number of copyrights in the work ranked first, too. The journey was continuing in a better way. In 2022, the company continued to invest in research and development to enrich intellectual property rights: including 183 patents, 22 integrated circuit map designs, 1695 replication rights, and 312 software copyrights. Compared with 2021, intellectual property rights have increased by 139 items, and it is still increasing.

  • Innovation in Visual IC

    As one of the earliest companies that entered the holographic technology industry in the market, MicroCloud uses its mature holographic technical service solutions to further reduce the overall cost of providing holographic technical services to customers and achieve large-scale technology services for large-scale technology services.

  • Forerunner

    MicroCloud is the pioneer of Chinese holographic technology. It is a pioneer enterprise with high-quality holographic imaging technology and content.

  • Scale advantage

    MicroCloud has rich customer resources. With continuous investment in technology, talent and marketing, a solid brand image has been established among customers and occupied a huge market share.

  • Outstanding employees

    Team members are composed of many doctors and well-known companies from the holographic industry. They focus on holographic technology and visual-based active safety technology for automobiles, They have rich technical product development experience and market resources.

  • Brand and Channel

    Holographic technology, holographic IP content, and AI visual chip are the core products widely used in the industry. The key factor of success is our brand and channel advantages. MicroCloud's precise market positioning and corresponding marketing capabilities establish a good brand image, and expand channel coverage to form a key competitive advantage.