Company Profile

MicroCloud is committed to the application of holographic technology and provides software and hardware solutions with holographic technology as the core. At present, the company's holographic technology and solutions are mainly used in the field of holographic software and holographic content services, smart car holographic fields, holographic cloud data processing and holographic intelligent visual services. As a holographic technology with high commercial value, there are many application scenarios. At present, the company provides diversified and high -quality enterprises including various industries including Internet advertising, culture, industry, audio and video, and automotive electronics manufacturing. Ulutonal basic technical services, the future development prospects are very broad......

  • Holographic Intelligent Vision

    MicroCloud's holographic intelligent visual technology services include face recognition, machine recognition, object and scene recognition, OCR identification, etc. Using cameras and computer-simulated eye visuals to identify, track and measure the target, and further process the image by identifying and analyzing, make computer processing more suitable for human eye observation machine vision.
  • Holographic SDK Technology

    MicroCloud's holographic SDK service includes holographic data collection, holographic virtual space construction, holographic digital content editing, holographic digital effect production, and holographic virtual digital control module, as well as 65 software suites that can meet the current market demand for holographic software technology applications, software development, and other related needs.
  • Holographic LiDAR System Technology

    MicroCloud applies holographic technology to the ADAS industry by providing holographic light detection and ranging services ("LiDAR") and holographic intelligent visual services. The holographic LiDAR uses point cloud data to build 3D modeling data of the surrounding environment to provide drivers with high-precision, low-delayed positioning, obstacle detection and classification recognition.
  • Holographic Digital Technology

    MicroCloud's holographic digital twin technical services are a human-machine interactive technology characterized by immersive experience, combined with digital twin architecture to support the deep information interaction and collaboration between virtual entities, physical entities and people.

Holographic SDK

The holographic SDK technology can collect holographic data through tactile feedback information, force feedback information and the movement of observed objects. Construct a holographic virtual space through scene map switching, scene construction and 3D geographical information; holographic digital content editing is performed through dynamic image processing, graphic display, and correction; the holographic digital effect is produced through animated glare system, dynamic glare effect and dynamic conversion control system. Realizing the holographic virtual digital control function through dynamic fusion control system of light field and holographic digital display software. 

The holographic SDK service includes 65 software kits including holographic data collection, holographic virtual space construction, holographic digital content editing, holographic digital effect production and holographic virtual digital control module, which can meet the current market's needs for holographic software technology applications and software development requirements. Essence MicroCloud will also continue to develop new functions according to the needs of customers to enrich the holographic SDK library. Through years of technology accumulation and long-term good relationships with industry customers, MicroCloud's holographic SDK technology will continue to maintain its leading advantage. 

Holographic ADAS System

The use of an exclusive holographic cloud algorithm structure aims to efficiently realize digital signal processing so that the holographic LiDAR has an excellent performance in all detection targets. 

Use holographic LiDAR to generate 6D model data models having the characteristics of high-precision and low latency positioning, as well as classified obstacles detection and identification. In the process of assisting driving, the data obtained by holographic LiDAR is combined with high-precision maps. After the point cloud data complete the positioning of the surrounding environment, real-time route guidance and rendering according to the location of the vehicle, and optimize the sensor-based position estimation technology. By reading the vehicle sensor information, combined with the human sports model and other methods, calculate the corresponding position, and then use in-depth computing power analysis to make decisions in the real scene. 

Holographic Digital Twin Technical Services